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Temple Terrace woman’s neighbors somehow still setting off fireworks


Jennifer Flambert of Temple Terrace can’t believe that her neighbors are still setting off fireworks, almost two weeks after the 4th of July holiday.

“How? How?!?”, she said. “Why? Why?!?”

The amateur pyrotechnic exhibitions have been a nightly occurrence since a couple of days prior to the Independence Day weekend, which was on a Sunday this year. “They usually start around 6 every night, which is stupid in itself because it’s not even dark out yet”, she said. “And they go until well after 11, sometimes as late as 3 in the morning.”

She said every one in a while, a random “pop” happens as early as 4 PM. “Just often enough to make it impossible to ever completely relax at any time of day”, she said.

When asked if she had asked her neighbors to stop or at least curtail the activity, she said, “I don’t even know who’s doing it! The noise seems to come from everywhere at once. I’m pretty sure it isn’t just one house.”

“Look, I’m not a ‘Karen’ and I consider myself a patriot. We had a party here on the 4th and yes, we had fireworks”, she said. “But at some point, it has to be enough.”

“It’s definitely not necessary but what’s happening shouldn’t even be possible”, she said. “Forget about getting bored with it; you’d think they have to run out at some point, wouldn’t you? It must be nice to have enough money to waste on crap like that. And there are kids out there! I know school is out but why are children up after midnight setting off explosives and screaming at the top of their lungs?”

“I was encouraged the other night when it stopped around 8, but I looked outside and there was an ambulance. I guess somebody finally blew their hand off or something. I didn’t want to say ‘good!’ but I definitely felt relieved”, she said. “But then it started back up again around 10:30. There’s no stopping them.”

She said her frustration is growing and that she honestly believes she is developing PTSD. “If I wanted to surround myself with around-the-clock explosions and mayhem, I wouldn’t have moved here from Ybor.”

Clark Brooks

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