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Tightest escorts in Tampa Bay

If you’re looking for an escort in Tampa, odds are you’re going to prefer one that has a tight vagina. Some people think a tight vagina feels better for sex. So if you’re looking for an escort with a good grip on her snatch, these are the ones to seek.


Lexa, woman close by

She’s got a real nice firm grasp down there. It’s like sticking your genitals into a Chinese finger trap. It’ll milk you real good. Good luck lasting long with her, because she knows what she’s doing.


Deliné chilling looking for a man

This escort’s got a cooter like a Dyson vacuum. It’ll rip your thing clear off. Deep too. It’s got a viscosity that will have you nostalgic for the first time you did it. Ot’s like getting your manhood caught in wet cement. Once it’s in, it’s not coming back out, so make sure you wear protection, because you will finish quickly.


Helisha, at the bar

If you’re lucky enough to book Helisha (because she’s got a schedule tighter than her cooch) you’ll be happy you did. This sex worker has a lady pocket like a steel trap.  And she keeps it lubricated which is a plus. You’ll slide in and it’ll feel like you just stuck your unit into a fresh-out-the-microwave Hot Pocket. One of the pepperoni kinds.


Junifer, chilling at the bar for you

This one, there’s really nothing more to say than, she’s tight. She’s got it down like a science. She’s able to flex her v-muscles like a bodybuilder. Be careful or you might lose circulation down there if you keep it in too long. Definitely worth trying at least once just so you can tell your friends about the experience.


Latrine, waiting at a bar near you

I’ll be honest, Latrine is not one of the tightest escorts, and between you and me, she doesn’t deserve to be on this list. But, she told me if I mentioned her, she’d let me do her for 25% off next time I book her. She’s not the worst in the world, but she definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the tightness of the other SW’s on this list. Sorry Latrine, you’re just not that tight. But I will take you up on that 25% off offer so expect to get a call from me at 5am next Sunday on my way back from the casino.

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