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Tom Brady gets “City Boys” tattoo

City Boy

Quarterback for the Buccaneers, Tom Brady, has some new ink. The QB was spotted during a recent practice sporting a fresh “City Boys” tattoo, which appears on his left tricep.  Presumably celebrating his new marital status, Brady is signifying that it’s “city boys’ time to shine.”

Teammate, Klayshus Cash, 2nd-string Tight Wider, claims that Tom “did it himself.”

“I watched him hold a paper clip up to a lighter-flame, then tip the clip into the ink of a broken pen then scratch the tattoo into his tricep, like a kid in middle school, crudely fashioning his own tattoo, but he seemed pleased with it, and we like it too.” Cash smiled and nodded in support of the new tattoo.

It’s rumored that Tom Brady also got a foot tattoo that says “King of the Rings’ with a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog drinking a Miller High Life, but there is currently no photographic evidence of the tattoo.

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