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Top Things to Buy on Craigslist Tampa

Top things to buy right now on Craigslist Tampa

If you are looking to directly support the community, shopping on Craigslist can be the best way stimulate your local economy.  Hop on these great finds today before they are gone!

Muriatic Acid

Used bottle of Muriatic Acid

Are you processing leather or making a homemade batch of gelatin? Well then pick up a half full bottle of Muriatic Acid, for free!

Filler concrete

Filler Concrete for FREE

The seller of this filler concrete posted that if it’s still up, it’s still available. Last time I checked it’s still up and concrete has so many great uses, you would be crazy to pass up on this deal!

2 Free Toilets

These two toilets are free and sitting out somewhere in Spring Hill.  Whatever you do, don’t contact the seller about it. Show up to the house, throw those suckers up on the bed of your truck, blast some Florida Georgia Line and cruise on home, or to wherever you plan on installing these things. 

Free Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs, because, why not?

Get your meal prep for the week out of the way by picking up 10 dozen packaged refrigerated hard-boiled eggs from Plant City.  That’s 120 ready to heat and eat hard boiled eggs.  They are free, but honestly after the first two dozen, you’re going to want to drive back to Plant City just to give them money.  These things are that good.

Trade for a box of Great Value Fruit Spins

This un-opened box of Fruit Spins is exactly the type of stuff that pairs great with the end times.  Trade this person absolutely anything for the un-opened box of delicious cereal.  Maybe you can trade sex for it? We don’t know if that would be an acceptable offer, but it is worth a shot!