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Toronto Raptors Unveil Tampa Raptors Jerseys, Drake Approves

Tampa Bay Raptors Jersey for 2021 NBA Season

During a joint press conference with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission, the Toronto Raptors management team, along with Toronto Rapper Drake, unveiled the temporary Tampa Bay Raptors jerseys for the 2021 NBA Season.

“I am not a pedophile,” said Drake, unprompted, before the press conference began. He then signaled for his music to be played.

Drake performed a 65-minute-long set, complete with two encores of his song “God’s Plan” before introducing the Toronto Raptors to the remaining journalists in attendance.

The new jerseys will be a throwback to their cartoon raptor logo which was replaced with a basketball with raptor claw marks on it. 

“I really prefer the cartoon raptor logo,” said Drake, “And I’m allowed to like cartoons as an adult, it doesn’t mean I’m a pedophile.”

Drakes phone then began to ring.

“Hold on, Millie’s calling,” Drake said while trying to hush everyone in the conference room.  “Hey Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown, can I call you back I’m at the Toronto Raptors Tampa Bay Raptors Jersey Unveiling and I can’t talk right now because the media thinks I’m a pedophile.”

Drake then hung up on the teenage Netflix star before signaling for his music to be played again.  Two people dressed in inflatable dinosaur costumes then ran out and started launching the jerseys into the media pit. 

No fans were allowed to attend this event due to COVID-19 restrictions, we left shortly after picking up some of the jerseys that were launched at the empty chairs in the room.   

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  1. Avatar mohamed on November 23, 2020 at 4:42 am

    Danm the jersey looks nice, Hopefully drake gets better