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Trump Hairstyle Catching On With Young Men

In a reflection of former President Donald Trump’s popularity and influence over his followers, the unique coif he’s sported for years is gaining popularity with young American men.

“It’s not unusual for Presidents of the United States to have an influence on fashion trends,” said local fashion former blogger and current podcaster Baba D’BlaBla. “You know how the nation was inspired by the style of JFK and Jackie O in the 60s and everybody was black for a while when Obama was President? This is kind of like that.”

Considering the near fanatical level of support Trump gets from his followers, it’s somewhat surprising that it’s taken this long to catch on.

“Personally, I wanted my hair to look this way back in 2015,” said Joel Porbler of Tampa. “But I had a girlfriend at the time and I really enjoyed getting laid so that wasn’t a practical option.”

When it was pointed out to him that it kind of looks more like a shoddy photoshop than an actual hairstyle, he said, “It’s supposed to”.

Asked to expound, he thought for a second and said, “Because the wokes hate that.”

Clark Brooks

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