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UFO turns out to be anal wart


What was originally claimed to be an unidentified flying object is actually an anal wart upon further inspection of the alleged intergalactic photo.

Ginny Masters, a 28-year-old girl scout leader had created a habit of waking up, and taking a picture of the first thing he’d see in his telescope.

“I thought I had captured the first HD photo of an alien! But it turned out my telescope had moved off-axis and was now pointed at a mirror in my room which, at the moment of photograph, was aimed directly at my open rectum.” Masters said.

“Anyways, one thing led to another, I sent it to the local NBC affiliate, they ran it on their morning news, 4 hours later I get a text from my ex-wife saying ‘hey a**hole, that’s your b-hole on the morning news, take that s*** down right now, our daughters watching and she just asked ‘why is daddy’s brown eye on TV?’’ So I called them back and had it taken down.” An embarrassed Masters explained.

The NBC affiliate has released a revocation of the story and is claiming it will be more thorough on future extra-terrestrial submissions.

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