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Capitol protestor identified as notorious troublemaker from Florida

As the FBI, aided by social media users, begins identifying people who participated in the storming of the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, several Tampa Bay residents have already been named.

Along with Matthew Council of Riverview and Adam Johnson of Parrish, who was photographed carrying off a lectern bearing the official seal of the Speaker of the House, is a man Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says is a person of interest known to state authorities as El Rojo DeSanchez. “Ooh, he’s a real scalawag! We have an extensive file on him”, said DeSantis. “You gotta watch out for that rascal. He’ll getcha!”

DeSanchez, who frequently posts on Parler about pledging allegiance to President Donald Trump, overthrowing U.S. Senator Rick Scott and how facemasks are ‘stupid’, resides in, “I don’t know; Seffner or somewhere”, said DeSantis.

“Just to be perfectly clear, this was not me, the governor of the state of Florida, in a ridiculous costume mustache infiltrating a lawless group of ANTIFA and BLM operatives who were infiltrating a group of patriotic MAGAs in order to make them look bad for trying to make them look bad, okay? Nobody should think that’s what was happening here”, said DeSantis, a remark that was met by silence and puzzled looks from those assembled. “So nobody was thinking that’s what was happening here? All right then. That’s good. Cool, cool”, he said, pulling out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead, causing a ridiculous costume mustache to fall out of his pocket.

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