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Weary Nation Wants to “Take a Break” from Presidency

Due to lingering feelings of despair and dissatisfaction resulting from the 2024 Presidential Election, heightened by last week’s debate on CNN, the United States of America has suggested the idea of “taking a break” from having a president.

“Can’t we all just do our own little thing for a while and then reconvene in a few years once we’ve figured some things out?” questioned Jessika Steelhook of Tampa, voicing what’s on the mind of millions elsewhere in the country. “Some time away from one another to get our heads together and see where we want to take this relationship going forward. Four years without a system of government where the executive branch exists separately from a legislature seems like a long time but it’s really not. Right now, I feel like we just need that, you know?”

She, along with the millions of other Americans mentioned, feels that time and space could actually be things that make the relationship between citizens and the presidency stronger.

“Because there’s a decent chance both of these idiots will be dead in four years,” she added.

Clark Brooks

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