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What’s the Best Time to Go to Trader Joes?

What is the Best time to go to Trader Joes

I’m asking for a friend because they have never been.  Have you been to Trader Joe’s lately?  The prices are incredible, but I hate waiting in my car. I also hate getting there and having to wait to see produce because other people are in my way. I also hate waiting to check out.  I also hate the person who is checking me out of the store. Like I get it, you love ketchup and juggling.   

This article is about the best time to go to Trader Joes, and after looking up the hours to the one nearest me, I still don’t feel too confident picking a best time.

Instead, today I will be describing how each block of time went/

Morning Weekday

Besides morning traffic, pulling into the Trader Joes was relatively easy.  The isles were completely stocked and besides the few stragglers, browsing the frozen section and checking out was a breeze.

Morning Weekend   

Besides the morning traffic and realizing that all the cars in front of me were waiting in line to find parking for Traders Joes, parking was a breeze. I guess a lot of people are low on stock because when a Trader Joes employee finally waved me to a parking spot, I walked in and the staff was frantically restocking everything while the checkout line stretched into the dairy isle.

Afternoon Weekday

This one is a hit or miss because for some reason, the traffic is fine everywhere except the two block radius of Trader Joes.  When the traffic is not backed up and I have to wait for a spot, I can breeze in and out no problem.  But it’s like every other Monday, Thursday and Friday are impossible.  I went on a Wednesday one night and it was amazing, but then the following Wednesday I wanted to pick up a single bottle of wine and I spend two hours waiting to see the wine section.

Afternoon Weekend

What am I even doing here? I think I’m better off going to Walmart.  Honestly, I’m only here for a couple of specialty items that I can’t get anywhere else. I’ll wait 45 minutes to do this task that should take 15 tops but this is the last time I try this.

Evening on a Weekday

I wish the human body didn’t have to eat food.  Like I wish eating was optional. Life is a burden and walking down these mostly empty isles is making me wish humans had to hunt and scavenge for food again.

Evening on a Weekend

Here we go. The crew is ready to go home, shelves are as presentable as they can be, I can come in and park easily but the only thing they have in stock in the entire store is a few cans of refried black beans and weird cheese.