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Where to fight in Tampa

Where to fight in Tampa

3. Court

Court, law and order, SVU this STD

If you want to fight in Tampa, the only way you can legally get away with the literal definition of fighting is to go to court, whether it’s against a person or the state. 

The state is more desirable because less humanitarian suffering.

You can fight in a very high stakes medium which can hold the balance of your life in the fate.

2. Basketball Court

Old man playing basketball ready to fuck shit up and get his shit rocked because he wants to fight. Can you believe it, this old man came out to fight on a basketball court because he was bored.

People fight at basketball courts sometimes because of the accelerated physical contact with other people. It doesn’t matter the context, people don’t like “getting dunked on” it affects them mentally and can cause people to lash out. You must be prepared to face consequences if you choose to do such techniques which could cause social embarrassment to the victim of your ball tricks.

1. Backyard

Backyard Brawl about to happen, sure it looks like a nice happy family about to enjoy a hot meal in the sun together, but these fuckers are about to start beating the shit out of each other just for the love of the game, and that game involves pain

Underground fighting rings in backyards that cater towards bare-knuckle fans thrive in tropical areas such as Florida. It’s easier to hold these kinds of events in large open-air places with privacy, and a backyard is the perfect place to fight in Tampa.

Usually, there’s a fence, which keeps the chaos boxed in. Quick access to supplies, you can just keep them in the house. It’s really the most controlled location you can fight. Definitely #1.

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