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Who has bigger whores: Tampa or St. Pete?


The eternal question of which location has more women willing to engage in immediate sexual activity has plagued the minds of Tampa citizens for centuries, however with careful consideration and study, we can learn definitively which side of the bridge homes more whores. To do so, we must break down each side.


Tampa has numerous locations where women socialize, including Ybor City, South Howard, and countless others which can’t be remembered at the moment. Night clubs. College bars. Country bars, biker bars, dive bars, strip mall bars, armature works, that other new thing they’ve been working on over there. These are all places where people come to interact, but more specifically, there’s less of a youth artistic culture and more of an old money “my daddy” this and “my company” that, kind of vibe. Strictly business on this side of the bridge. Young professionals working at banks, and law firms, and tech startups that have complicated mission statements with no real answer on how they collect money. Wham-bam-thank-you-ungendered-person. Tampa is a hub of good grub and gold tubs. Strip club capital of the United States and a tryout grounds for many new eateries. There are lots of promiscuous women willing to give it up at a moments notice if you have the right style.

St. Pete

Crystal hoes and grinders. Chicks making your sandwiches in upscale patio lounges and patchouli bathes with the finest witchcraft kits and sage bundles as far as the eye can see. Central avenue and a couple other streets home the entirety of St. Petersburgs social meet up locations. It is also the home to beaches not far from the city which are also places to try and wet your little skin whistle with a female fur rub. Girls have maybe even lower standards for men than they do in Tampa because the entire city of St. Pete is run by people under 35, so the facade of profession is mostly unveiled. Lax lifestyle and hot get togethers are all too common in the city of St. Pete. High quality dining, beautiful sculpted bodies (and I’m not talking about Dali’s art), and gusty winds constantly blowing salty seawater up your skirt. A paradise by the bay. The climate is definitely an aphrodisiac over here and most people are horny 24/7.


It’s a tie. Everyone is a whore every where, not just Tampa or St. Pete, but basically the entire world. Wherever you look you can find loose people, you attract the vibe you give off. If you want no-strings-attached physical pleasure, than odds are you can make that happen wherever you are. Just make it known and be honest in what you’re looking for. Tell people what you want, and they can either engage with you or move in. It’s not complicated. Be a whore if you want to, nobody can tell you anything, nobody owns you, and nobody can control you. And if someone is trying to control you, call the police and fight back against them. Don’t let anybody ever make you do anything you don’t want to. Live free and die free, there are no other options. You won’t regret giving in to your gut. Trust yourself.

John Jacobs

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