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Why slots are an elite addictive form of gambling


Slots are the best form of gambling. That’s been determined long ago with the Big Bang theory. Random things happen, big and small, and everything on earth is left up to chance.

Slot machines are random. Stacked against you. Just like the world.

All you have is your luck and faith.

“It will hit. It will get better.”


Belief that there is a universal energy watching over you and trying to influence circumstances in your favor.

“You deserve a break. Please. Just this once! I’ll be a better person I swear, just make me rich right now for no reason other than I sit in a chair at the right time and pushed a button in the right moment! Please Gosh!”

There is no better form of gambling than chance.

Everything else is not gambling.

It’s working. It’s studying. It’s skill.

This is not skill.

No man is better than another man. We are all equal here.

Reels spin just like the globe. Or at least that’s what they want you to believe.

We don’t really know anything. But we’re comfortable admitting that. There’s peace in knowing that we can truly know nothing. Things can always change. At any moment. No matter how much we believe or trust something will stay the way it is, there it goes and changes.

The sun is not promised to come up tomorrow, we just believe it will be there. And so far it has been.

Slot machines are the ultimate humbler. No ego can be developed in slot machines. You’re always under the gun. Every few seconds is a new life. An entirely new landscape, nothing is the way it was mere moments ago. Nothing.

It’s all different now.

Rules can change, bonuses can be had. It’s paradise (pair-a-dice).

Not knowing is the only force which drives us all. Nothing is certain and neither are slots. Our curiosity of the future and fear of the unknown are keystone elements of genetic development and underlying love of life.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have tried to explain this, nobody will ever understand. You have to have a truly fantastic mind to comprehend the true primal tantalization of slot machines. Just pure love and innocence. A blind faith in a greater good. Universal electricity which flows through all beings, living and inanimate. Just never stop looking at the light. It’s so seductive.

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