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Work from Home Apartment Complex Now Hiring/Accepting Tenants

Work From Home

In an effort to combat high rent prices, an apartment complex in Tampa is currently hiring and accepting tenants for the first-of-its-kind work from home apartment community.

“We want to make sure that people working in Florida have a place to live,” said the community manager of the Walmart Warehouse Townhomes, Mig Chaloot.  “Our Walmarts are nothing without the community members who make it a special place to shop.”

As part of a new initiative to retain employees at existing Walmarts, windowless studio apartments will be built on top of all existing Walmarts.  Employees will be guaranteed a place to live and work while paying only 50% of their checks back to Walmart. 

“We don’t want to attach a numerical value to rent,” said Chaloot. “Instead, we expect workers to pay us back half of what they make to stay in the apartments, no matter how many hours they work.”

To qualify for the new studio apartments, workers must clock in at least 75 hours a week, which Walmart assures us can be done at their own pace.

“They live above the store, so they have no excuse to not meet the required hours.” Said Chaloot.

Florida officials have applauded the plan and hope that other big-box retailers and stores follow in the footsteps of Walmart.

“We see a future where every company in Florida provides a work from home option, even if the ‘home’ is technically the job site.” Said Chaloot.

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