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Tampa General Hospital Patient Gets Poked One Too Many Times 

By Clark Brooks | April 19, 2024

How would you rate the quality of your healthcare? 🏥

DeSantis Serves Tropical Drinks to Outdoor Workers

By Clark Brooks | April 18, 2024

Isn’t that nice of him? 🍹

Smaller Midtown to open inside of Midtown

By Michael Fritz | April 17, 2024

Do you love this micro-concept?

Cancer is acquitted in O.J. Simpson murder trial

By Michael Fritz | April 16, 2024

Do you believe justice has been served?

St. Pete Man Pressed Into Duty as Emergency Bat Boy for Rays

By Clark Brooks | April 15, 2024

Were you at this game? ⚾️🧢🥜

New Express Lanes Require Drivers to Go At Least 90 MPH

By Josh Santos | April 14, 2024

Can you handle these new laws? 🚗🏎️🚓

Nine Injured in Dueling Piano Bar Mishap

By Clark Brooks | April 13, 2024

Would you go see this show every damn week?

Ybor Resident Surprised to Learn How Good His Home is

By Clark Brooks | April 12, 2024

Don’t you wish you lived here too? 🐓

Tampa Man Declares “Tornadoes Aren’t Real”

By Clark Brooks | April 11, 2024

Is everybody okay out there? 🌪️🍳☕️

Gentleman’s Club Cruise Embarking On Hillsborough River

By Josh Santos | April 11, 2024

Ahoy, adult entertainers! 👯‍♀️⚓️