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Are rats safe to eat here?

Rat Eater

You might be wondering, “is it safe to eat rats here?”

If you searched that phrase, the answer is yes, it is safe to eat the rats where you are.

If you just stumbled on this article because you’re already on TNF or you’re part of the newsletter, then no, it is no safe to eat rats here.

That’s kind of how quantum mechanics work.

It’s based on intent and energy. If you want something, if you’re looking for something. What do you want?

You’re answer will change the other answer.

Get it?

Probably not.

You don’t seem like the type who “get’s a lot” of anything really.

I feel sorry for you.

I truly do.

But it’s ok, I want the best for you. I can help you “get more.”

All you need to do, is look like you’re listening and pretend you understand things.

Don’t act like you get it at first, then it’s obvious you’re lying, you need to say things like, “Ok so if (insert previous thing they mentioned here) then that means (mention other thing they mentioned here). Ok, I’m starting to get it.”

That sounds more authentic like you’re really processing whatever someone is saying to you.

Then people will like you for trying to understand.

They’ll go, “He may not be perfect, but I can see he’s trying really hard to be good and I respect that.”

Then they respect you.

After that you can pretty much decide whether or not it’s safe to eat rats here.

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