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Clearwater Jeep Owner has More Little Rubber Ducks than Human Friends

Anthony Wellerhig of Clearwater is the proud owner of a magenta 2021 Jeep Cherokee and about 27 little toy rubber ducks on display through the windshield and has no actual friends. 

“Uh, it’s 28. But who’s counting,” he said. “I am. And it’s 28. Get it right.”

Rick Brikhouser, another local Jeep enthusiast said, “I know that guy. He approached me and my girlfriend at Clearwater Beach and said, ‘hey gimme a duck!’ We did and he didn’t give one back in exchange. Just got back in his Jeep and drove off. The whole purpose of Jeep Ducking is it’s supposed to be a gesture of friendliness and sharing. I’ve heard from other people that he tries to pull that stunt all the time.”

“He didn’t even say thank you,” added his girlfriend Rebecca.

“Hey, screw them. I got mine, let them go get theirs,” he replied failing to recognize the obvious, inherent selfish stupidity in that statement. “I have more ducks than almost anybody else.”

“What a prick,” responded Brikhouser. “No wonder he has no friends.”

Clark Brooks

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