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Contributing Members of Tampa News Force

Tampa News Force is brought to you by some of the hardest working writers and comedians in the Tampa Bay Area.


For any tips or story corrections please reach out to us at

Tampa News Force

Founded by

John Jacobs - MTV Reality TV Star and Award-Winning Correspondent. Twitter & Instagram: @MaybachDiamonds TikTok : @johnjacobscc


Josh Santos - Award-winning videographer, stock photo/video producer, writer, web builder. Twitter & Instagram: @HashtagSantos - Portfolio:



Clark Brooks - Senior Supreme Executive Premium Content Editor for Tampa News Force. Comedian, writer and ordained minister. Twitter: @ClarkBrooks | Instagram:@ClarkBrooks54

Cannzana StockWil
- Tampa News Force Associate Street Anchor - Journalist, Author, and Academic. Studied Florida extensively at New College of Florida. Definitely not an undercover Florida rapper with the name C✰.

Jojo White
– Tampa News Force Social Media Correspondent, St. Petersburg based improv and comic actor. Twitter & Instagram: @OfficialJojoWhite


Matt “Matty Bill$” Williams – A captive meteorologist at the Tampa News Force Headquarters. Instagram: @mattypbills


Dalton Brown – Tampa News Force Video and Social Media Specialist. Instagram: @livewithdirtyd


Ryan Johnson – Tampa News Force on the street reporter.


Katy Styles –  Comedian, single mom, and pizza lover.

Bobby Kady – Comedian and Writer, as seen on "The Perfect Old Fashioned" and "'That Guy' at Fantasy Draft". Host of "Thee Fantasy Football Podcast".


Phil Robbins - Beloved Tampa News Force intern, YouTube: wolfjak


Sean Harper - Stand-Up. Former Alcoholic. Waffle House’s Arch Nemesis. Follow him on Twitter at @SeanHarperFL


Kyle Ruse - Tattooer, Comic, Typo master, Habitual hater, Writer @zebracorner, Instagram/Twitter: @kyle_ruse. Check him out at


Rosemary Jane Murphy – Tampa News Force Productions Contributing Member, Sketch Writer and Improv Specialist. As seen on "How to Meet a Weed Dealer"


JJ Curry - Stand-up Comic, Tampa News Force Production Contributing Member, Sketch Writer and Improv Specialist. As seen on "The Perfect Sketch"


Taylor Cuzino- Writer/neighborhood fuckgirl


Jaret Moore – Comedian and Writer, Tampa News Force Senior Fluffer


Lauren Lance - Vocalist for Swampland Symphony. Twitter: @laurenelance / Instagram:@llaurenllance


Marie Williams – Comedian and Writer, As seen on “ghosted”


Randy Holton – Comedian, writer and 2018 Florida Senator and Governor Party Party Nominee


Jeff Rey - Comedian and writer, as seen on 'Great Catch' and 'The Details'


Matt Carter - Comedian and writer, as heard on "How to Die Alone"


Lindsay Glazer – Comedian/Lawyer/Alpha Bitch, as seen on "Pizza Guy"


Shannon Kelly – Comedian and Tampa News Force Contributing Writer, as seen on “Who Let the Dog Out?”


Sloan – Comedian and Writer, as seen on “Hustler”


Mike Rigo  - Comedian and Writer, as seen on "Comeatian"


Alex Utz - Comedian/Improv/Writer, as seen on "play????"


Rio Paris – Comedian, Writer, Musical Artist and Freestyle Rapper - As seen on “Wack Panther”/Twitter: @laughfrican


Jake Brown - Comedian, Writer, as seen on "The Barista"


James Maphis – Comedian, writer and Tampa News Force contributing writer.


Robert Ebeid – Comedian/Improv/Writer, as seen on 'Adult Minions Offical Trailer (2020)'


Johnny B – Comedian and Tampa News Force Sports Correspondent, Host of The Johnny B Show on 102.5 The Bone


Rafiq Shaheen - Comedian/Writer/TNF Movie Critic As seen on “N & C”


Jake Iannarino - Comedian/Actor/Improv Artist/Musician - As seen on “Great Catch”


Ashley Mostoller - Comedian/Writer As seen on “Controlling”


ZoeBoe69 - Comedian/Writer - As seen on “Clean UR Clock!”


Kevin Taylor - Comedian/Writer - As seen on “Tucked”


Liam C. Merio-Hull – Tampa News Force Reporter and Former Pickleball and Lawn Bowling Medalist in the Florida Senior Games.

Ian Bagg -
Comedian/Podcaster One of the greatest comics touring today, as seen on “Pillows!”

Emily Harris - Comedian/Writer As seen on “Bean” 

Tim C – Comedian, Writer and Comedic Actor, As seen on “Getting a Taste”. Learn more at


Bobby Bowker - Comedian/Writer, As seen on “Recording”


David Wayne - Comedian/Writer - Local Standup, Podcaster, and Nutritionist – Listen to “How to Die Alone.”

Stevie Hensworth –
Writer/Podcaster - Stevie Hensworth is a raconteur, fifth generation Tampanian by proxy, and avid grout enthusiast. Listen to the podcast “How to Die Alone.”

John J Murray ­–
Comedian, Something Planet Podcast Host and Tampa News Force contributing writer.

Roger Nelson –
Comedian, host of Fubar Weekly Podcast and Tampa News Force contributing writer.

Chris Whitener –
Magical Butter executive director and Tampa News Force contributing writer.

Ashley Dieudonne –
Writer, Photographer, Videographer and Tux Man. Vintage River Productions

Cara Millburg –  
Comedian and writer, as seen on N & C.

Jon Griffiths – 
Tampa News Force special correspondent, comedian and writer.

Chris Coon – 
Dedicated Truth-Writer bringing you the Story of the Facts.

Hugh Carey
- Part time comic, full time sovereign of sass. Hugh is only here to further the gay agenda. Follow him on Instagram: hugh_carey22

Dr. Ringo Khan
is a freelance journalist and part-time DoorDash employee. He holds a PhD (equivalent) in “general studies” from Khan Academy (no relation). His work is archived at

Crunch Cardwell – 
Genius Voice of a Generation / Southern Cosmopolitan / Florida Cracker / Liberal Propagandist / Social Justice Jedi / Fuckboy Feminist.


Lemur J. Fitzmuggins III - Actually the fourth person in his family to be named Lemur J. Fitzmuggins. His grandfather, who would have been the second, rejected the mantle outright, choosing to be known simply as Trish. Lemur III graduated with a Masters in Pomposity and a Minor in Bombast from Hillsborough Community College. He serves as an Irritant-In-Residence for Tampa News Force.

Marty Funkhouser -
 Contributing Reporter for TNF. Real eyes Realize Real Lies. Follow me on X @helloitsbatman


Leon DePatie - a comedic rockstar that can be seen performing all over Florida.

Brother Spartacus - 
A great gladiator who has been condemned to write for Tampa News Force.

Devin Siebold
- Devin Siebold is a Central Florida comedian and former winner of Mike Calta's Last Comic Stranded at Side Splitters.


Chingy Lopez - A real sick and twisted guy, founder of HAM Streetwear.


LeRoy Alaways - Currently a stay-at-home dad with twin girls. His before kids’ life includes rocket scientist, legal whore (expert witness), mechanical engineering professor, and sport scientist. His most famous work is on the Aerodynamics of Curveballs and is in the library of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Mark the Shark –  Mark is a 33-year-old Tampa native. He’s a film and history buff who has a soft side for kittens and crickets.