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Clearwater Woman Bothered by Store’s Early Promotion of Tax Season

Edna Butthurth of Clearwater found herself annoyed after a visit to her neighborhood Walgreens due to what she feels is an inappropriately premature display of tax season items.

“I swear, this gets forced upon us earlier and earlier every year,” she said. “Jesus, relax! We’re still recovering from Christmas and it isn’t even Valentine’s Day yet.”

“Look at this,”, she said, gesturing to shelves filled with pencils, pens, highlighters, post-it notes, whiteout, notebooks calculators and other office and study paraphernalia. “It’s disgusting. What if children saw this?”

Butthurth is not alone in being perturbed. Statistics from a survey that Tampa News Force researchers didn’t actually conduct indicate that more than four in five (82.4%) Americans think tax decor at stores goes up too early, and 76.8% think social media posts and online advertisements for the season begin too soon.

“What’s wrong with waiting until after St. Patrick’s Day? That’s still almost a whole month out,” she lamented. “It’s ridiculous. Hell, at this point, just leave it up all year.”

Clark Brooks

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