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Dave Portnoy Praises Tampa Hotel

After an unpleasant stay at one of Tampa’s premier luxury hotels, Barstool Sports founder and owner Dave Portnoy has nothing but praise for a different Tampa hotel on the other end of the luxury spectrum.

“Now this, THIS is a place that’s worth the money I spent,” he said, referencing the Dutch Motel, located near the corner of Hillsborough and Florida Avenues. “Granted, I was only paying $39 a night, but I got exactly what you would expect for that.”

Portnoy had posted a 3-minute video about The Edition hotel, where he stayed while in Tampa last week. The video, in which he mostly complains about the nightly rate of $5k for a suite that was lacking in amenities, including a sparsely-stocked snack bar, had been viewed by over five million as of yesterday afternoon.

He checked out of the Edition in disgust and found the Dutch Motel while out looking for pizza.

“By comparison, this place is outstanding,” he said. “$5K for a bed, a couple of tv’s and a mini-fridge with Dasani water versus less than $50 for a bed, tv hookers, and a crippling case of bed bugs? No contest. The Dutch Motel is truly Tampa at its finest!”

Clark Brooks

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