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Family gathering more awkward after Thanksgiving walk

Thanksgiving Walk

The Garrick family of Tampa found themselves the victims of a more awkward family gathering than usual yesterday, following an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

It began when brothers Liam and Olaf announced that they wanted to show their cousin Katie around and meet their friend Kenny.

“You’re definitely gonna wanna meet Kenny”, said Liam. “Trust me.”

“Yeah,” agreed Olaf. “Kenny’s got the best… um, I mean… Kenny is a cool guy.”

“Do I know Kenny?” asked the boys’ mother Leandra.

“Bye”, they replied as the three teenagers went out the back door.

“Hey, since they’re out of the house, this would be a great time for me to show you something I bought yesterday”, said Robert, Leandra’s husband and the boys’ stepdad. Curious, Leandra asked what it was and Robert said, “It’s something I haven’t bought since we got married but you used to like it a lot.”

Leandra responded by giggling, “Oh my God, are you crazy?” and they both left the house.

About ten minutes later, both groups – plus Kenny – came face to face with each other in an alley about a block from their home, all openly smoking marijuana cigarettes.

They all stared at each other, mouths slightly open, eyes wide, somewhat panicked but not exactly angry, mostly confused and not knowing what to say.

That’s when Leandra’s father Grandpa Dave showed up and said, “Hey, what are you doing out here in my weed smokin’ alley?” as he lit a fat, massive spliff joint.

A half hour later, everyone was back inside where they all enjoyed a delicious meal in complete silence, much to the consternation of other relatives who had not taken walks earlier.

Clark Brooks

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