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Lakeland Man Introduces Low-cost Ambulance Service

Harvey Doovers of Lakeland has created a new low-cost ambulance service for Tampa residents.

“You know, the cost of a ride to the hospital in a traditional ambulance can be cost prohibitive,” he said. “Most working-class people nowadays will get sick or seriously injured in an accident and either walk to the hospital or say ‘fuck it’ and go home.”

According to, With insurance, the average out-of-pocket cost for an ambulance ride is $450, but it can exceed well over $1,000 in some states. Doovers said his fees are reasonable and negotiable, generally falling toward the low end of a range between $10 and $400. 

For that rate, the ambulance will take you from wherever you are to the emergency health care provider of your choice, as long as there is somewhere to buy meth between the two locations. 

Doovers says he gets his vehicles and drivers/emergency medical technicians from “don’t worry about it.”

The service was launched early last Friday morning, but the initial run didn’t end well, with his employee, Gregorey Brian McGall, 36, getting pulled over and arrested by Hillsborough County Deputies and charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, carjacking and aggravated assault.

“Yeah, what a shock that the cops are going to be deep in the pocket of Big Ambulance and try to hassle us”, he said. “They don’t care that life is hard out here for people on a budget.”

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