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Local Author Releases Children’s Book

Tampa author Nyala Smurm has released her first children’s book, titled ‘So You Have an Enormous Head’.

”It’s a book about body positivity. I just want people who don’t have perfect heads like I do, and whose heads are big, fat, stupid and ugly and no one will ever be able to love them unlike me, that it’s okay.”

The story centers around a character named Moonhead Milo and his struggle to fit into a world full of big-headed people who are mean to him because his head is even bigger than theirs.

“Look at him. He has no neck,” she said, pointing to the book’s cover illustration. “That’s because no neck could possibly support that fat, hideous, misshapen lump of goo on top of his shoulders.”

”Where do you think he found a hat to fit that water tank of a melon? A tent manufacturer probably,” she added. “Some people can be so cruel.”

Clark Brooks

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