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Gentleman’s Clubs Plan to Implement Dynamic Pricing

Some of Tampa’s famous gentleman’s clubs plan to implement dynamic prices for lap dances.

The strategy — also known as surge pricing — has the cost of a product or service fluctuating based on factors like rush hour and whether it’s raining. It’s a common practice in professional sports, the ride share industry and possibly at least one fast food franchise.

“We’ve actually always done this, basing the cost of a lap dance on how attractive and popular a dancer is,” said Phyllis ‘The Glacier’ McGillis, an entertainer who performs at various such clubs. “As well as how many visible sores and lesions she has.”

“It’s basic supply-and-demand economics,” she added. 

She said the hope is that the adjusted policy will encourage more dancers to show up on busy nights when demand is highest in order to best serve the club’s patrons.

“If people really want something hot and juicy, it’s our obligation to give it to them,” she said.

Clark Brooks

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