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Sisters not sure if grandpa is sarcastic or senile

Tanya and Diane Swifferburg of Safety Harbor don’t know if their grandfather Cliff is messing with them or losing it.

“I think he’s okay; he drives and cooks his own meals,” said Tanya. “I’m pretty sure he was joking.”

“I hope he’s all right,” responded Diane. “He seems really sharp. But you heard what he said.”

What created the dilemma is a conversation that took place at a New Years Eve gathering where family members talked about what they were looking forward to in 2024.

“I’d have to say I’m eagerly anticipating the election in November. There’s nothing more inspiring than witnessing the democratic process in action; Americans setting aside their petty differences and coming together to act in the best interests of the country and all its citizens,” said Cliff that night. 

“That, and dying alone in hospice. Both should be pretty great.”

Clark Brooks

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