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St Pete Chihuly Collection Will Convert Exhibits into Bongs

Morean Arts Center – Pinellas County – Friday 4.12.2019

In a concerted effort to raise donations for the Chihuly Collection, nearly every exhibit in the Morean Arts Center will be converted into something residents can smoke marijuana out of.

“Chihuly changed and influenced modern art as we see it,” said Idina Purrel, the curator of the collection. “Glass blowing is an extremely difficult and time consuming art, anyone else would have sold pieces like his at a high price, but Chihuly…”

Purrel thought to herself for a moment before laughing about the pronunciation of Chihuly, “Chi-HU-ly chooses to make his art public, accessible to the masses. It’s about making the public space better, and individual’s better.”

Purrel walks up to one of the big swirly blue glass chandelier and proceeds to smoke marijuana out of it. “And ripping bong hits off these priceless masterpieces can def make an individual’s day better.”

Guest who do not have marijuana can purchase some from that guy hanging out in the handicap bathroom stall.