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Tampa man can’t decide which “official after party” to attend


Stu LeSample, a fax machine salesman from Tampa recently attended a concert at the Whatever It’s Called Now Ampitheatre and doesn’t know which “official after party” he should go to.

”According to my windshield wipers, it looks like there are about eight of them,” he said, motioning to the pile of event flyers someone placed on his car. “This is so cool! I’d love to meet those guys with a real, live, exclusive VIP experience. What an honor to be invited!”

LeSample, had purchased the cheapest lawn ticket available to see Dirk and the Dirty Socks (“My favorite neo-ska band”, he said) and when he came out to the parking lot after the show he noticed flyers under the windshield wipers of his 2005 Dodge Neon. “Not just my car; everybody’s car,” he said. “I don’t know how any these parties would accommodate the crowds if we all showed up.”

“They probably have a wristband system”, he said, as if that was an answer to that potential dilemma.

“Man, these went out fast! The concert was only three hours long,” he added, demonstrating no ability to discern how long it takes motivated, local crackheads paid in cash by shady nightclub promoters to accomplish a menial task.

He picked the flyers up and studied each of them in depth. “These all look legit. Look how glossy they are. Quality like that isn’t cheap or easy to find,” he said, holding one of the flyers that cost less than $25 for 1,000 of them from any one of dozens of printers found on the internet.

“They’re all different bars in Ybor and they all claim to be the one official after party. How can that be?” he queried.

“You know, I’m starting to think some of these may not be legit after all,” he said, starting to think for the first time all night. “I guess it’s up to me to figure out which ones are most likely for the artists to actually show up to. Hmm…”

While he stood there, trying to determine which venues would each get $20 from him, Dirk and the Dirty Socks had boarded their tour bus and were making their way to Jacksonville for a show the next night, passing nowhere near Ybor City.

Clark Brooks

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