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Tucker Carlson takes job at driving range in Tampa

Recently fired Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson has accepted a position with Rogers Park Golf Course in Tampa, on a temporary basis, until he finds something in broadcasting again.

“Yeah, sure. I guess there are still a couple of networks he hasn’t been fired from,” said Mark Eaglebirdie, Director of Golf at the historic course on North 30th Street. “Live your dream, dude.”

“But sure; he can work here as long as he needs,” he added.

Carlson will be assigned to the course’s driving range, operating the modified cart that drives around and retrieves golf balls.

“People love to shoot at that cart when it’s out there. We usually try to discourage that but you can’t deny that it’s fun to try to hit a moving target,” said Eaglebirdie. “Hell, sometimes I take a couple of whacks at it when I have a chance.”

“Now imagine how much MORE fun that’s gonna be with Tucker Carlson driving it! People who don’t even like golf will be coming out here to rent buckets of balls now,” he said.

“I had the fellas in maintenance take the roof, windshield and any other protective covering off this morning.”

Clark Brooks

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