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USWNT loss to Sweden spares Tampa man from having to pretend to care about soccer

The two-time defending champion U.S. women’s national soccer team lost 5-4 to Sweden on penalty kicks in World Cup action Sunday, making their earliest exit ever at a major tournament.

As a result, Andy Rander of Tampa doesn’t have to pretend that he’s a soccer fan.

“I don’t hate soccer, but the World Cup goes on for weeks and I’m busy,” he said. “Everybody else gets all into it and you have to learn players names and get up early to watch the games so you can talk to people about it and buy hats and t-shirts and stuff.”

“It just becomes this whole thing, and while I’m sad the US lost, I’m actually more than a little relieved.”

Rander said he plans to spend the unexpected free time he now has by ignoring Major League Baseball.

Clark Brooks

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