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Ybor Resident Surprised to Learn How Good His Home is

Tom, an unhoused person who lives in Ybor City, was very surprised to learn that he resides in one of the 50 Best Places to Live in the U.S., according to Money magazine.

“Huh. Somehow I must have missed the most recent issue of Money magazine”, he said. “But then, I’m not a millionaire real estate developer with something to gain by having property I own presented so favorably, so I don’t catch it that often.”

“I have to admit, the only magazine I read regularly is ‘How To Stay Alive Monthly’. Ha ha, just kidding. There’s no such magazine,” he said. “There should be though. It would probably be very popular.”

“Oh wait; I actually slept on that issue of Money magazine last night and woke up and pee’d on it a couple of hours ago. Yep, there it is,” he said. “Well, how about that?”

The article, pee’d on or otherwise, says the Ybor district is “The cultural epicenter of one of America’s hottest cities”, referring to Tampa, and goes on to cite climate, access to beaches, top-notch sports teams, architecture, art, cuisine and no state income tax.

“Yep, that last one. That’s why I’m here,” said Tom. “But it’s interesting that they didn’t consider factors like the quality of education for children or the employment market or the insurance crisis when making their assessment.”

The article does mention, “Here, roosters are allowed to roam free, giving an extra dash of color and flair to an already eccentric district.”

“Ah well, there you go! I totally didn’t take the extra dashes of color and flair into account,” he said. “Yeah, I get it now.”

He added, “I guess I have to do a better job of staying informed. Do you have any Money? And I don’t mean the magazine.”

Clark Brooks

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