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12 Things to Make Tampa Better, from a Guy Who Just Moved Here

Tampa is a very nice city that can do a couple of small improvements to easily improve the quality of life for everyone who calls it home. With these 12 tips, Tampa can quickly become one of the best cities in the world.

Cap rents at $350 per month. Rents are at an all-time high for an area that lacks amenities to justify the cost. Reducing all rents below $350 would give people a reason to spend money at the few places that are worth it.

Make one Publix free for everyone once a day. Food shouldn’t cost money if you live in Tampa. Every day, there should be a random Publix that is chosen to give everyone free food until they close or run out of food. It’s not like the company is going to run out of money any time soon. They throw away tons of food every day, how about sharing that food with the community!

Convert Busch Gardens into a free after school daycare. If a parent works late or they can’t pick up their child, the Hillsborough County School system should drop that kid off at Busch Gardens where they can enjoy a nice time while waiting for their parent.

More restaurants open 24 hours. Too many restaurants are closed by 10 PM, where the hell am I supposed to eat that is not a diner or fast food? Because I’m tired of having late night dinners at gas stations.

Clear signage for businesses that provide glory hole services. Many places in Tampa offer glory holes, but without clear signage, they are hard to find.

Outdoor Public Showers.  With the extreme heat and humidity that Tampons deal with for most of the year, having accessible outdoor showers could help curb the amount of swamp ass in public places. 

Convert rooftops into a Pickleball Court.  This city is severely lacking in places to play pickleball, but we have a ton of flat rooftops that could benefit from having a court. 

Cops Should Wear Bikinis.  Even if they are a guy cop, citizens would respect Tampa cops more if they all wore bikinis.

Reduce speed limits to 20 MPH.  If every car drives at 20 MPH when not on the highway, we would all see less accidents, and streets could be easily shared with pedestrians and cyclist.

Ban Teens from Going Outside Between The Hours of 9 PM and 8 AM. No person under the age of 18 should be doing anything between those times. Science says kids need sleep and educational stimulation; these should be mandatory studying hours for every student.

Encourage Recycling by Having Recycling Centers in Strip Clubs.  People would sort their recycling and take it to a proper recycling center if it was in a strip club. At the moment, we don’t even have a real recycling program, it all gets thrown in a landfill. Why aren’t we paying people to recycle and then having that money go directly to Tampa most famous live entertainers.

Everyone should be more friendly to each other. We are always so mean and closed off in this city. It’s a big large flat land mass with tons of neighborhood sprawl. There’s a ton of cars on the road, and big events happen but it feels like no one knows each other and there is no sense of community.

With these steps, I hope we can all start coming together to make this city a better place for everyone who calls it home. If you have any other tips to make this city great, we would love to hear them from you!

Josh Santos

About Josh Santos

Writer and award-winning videographer and documentarian. Instagram: @HashtagSantos