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19 famous nepo-babies sure to make you go hog wild


A lot of nepo-babies also happen to be children of famous people. It’s the perfect combo of nepotism and recognition which makes them famous nepo-babies. These are some of the most notable:

Charles Branson

I don’t know if I spelled that right. Or if Charles Branson is even a depo-baby. This one’s completely made up. But I needed to fill some space and nobody reads these anyway so who gives a shit. Fuck you.

Deborah Lacy

That’s not even the name of a real person. I just made her up completely. At least Charles Branson you know who I’m talking about. This one is just plain-old fabricated. Not real. Maybe she is, I don’t know. There’s probably at least one Deborah lacy in the world. Those are both relatively common names. Or maybe there’s one, but she spells Deborah different, like Debra. There’s no guarantee that anything in this world exists or not so don’t take any chances by assuming anything. Cover all your bases.

Jesus Christ

Definitely a nepo-baby. His dad’s literally God. Also, every time I type “nepo-baby” auto correct tries to change it to depo-baby or repo-baby. What the fuck is a “repo-baby?” Like a baby that didn’t have payments made on it so it got repoed? Where would it be taken? Who raises it then? Maybe this is what that new movie “Sound of Freedom” is about.

Baily Balerson

As you probably guessed, this is another fake one. Nothing to read about here. Just fake.

Elle uhFintitus

Look it’s the word elephantiasis turned into a name. Also, that word was corrected for me as well. I thought it was like elephant-titus, but apparently it’s spelled a little differently than that. That’s interesting, to me!

Billy Cosby

Stretch Armstrong

Pailee Ontologist

Nepp Obaybee

Silver Sam

Diamond Jim

Hailey Joel Osmond

Peter Parker

Peter Parkour

Is that 19 yet? No? I’m not scrolling back up to count, but it feels light as I hold it in my hand. Not enough ink on the paper yet, the boss is going to be pissed. Whatever, screw the boss, he can’t do anything to me, I have dirt on him. I know what he’s done. His dark dirty secrets. I dare him to pull some shit on me. Let’s see what he does about it. 

Ok, that feels like enough ink now. I hope that list of nepo-babies drove you hog wild.

Wait, did I say I guaranteed that it would?

Well then, you’re welcome, I delivered on my promise. You are now hog wild. I wouldn’t have said it unless it was true.

In which case, I’m sorry you’re going hog wild right now, maybe you didn’t want to, but you started reading the article anyway, and now it’s my fault that you’re all hog wild. Life’s not fair. Get used to it. Or don’t, up to you.

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