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5 signs your doctor is gaslighting you

Dr. Gaslight

He says you’re sick

If your doctor is telling you that you’re “sick” he’s definitely gaslighting you. He’s not you. He doesn’t know how you feel. How can he say you’re sick? Does he have some sort of ability to inhibit you and experience what you’re experiencing? I doubt it. He’s gaslighting you. You’re fine.

He shows you charts 

If the doctor tries to show you some sort of charts or graphs, (they like to call them “vitals”) they are definitely gaslighting you. They want to show you something that will make you go along with what they want you to believe, so they’re just picking and choosing specific things that they know will cause a reaction out of you. Don’t fall for it. They’re gaslighting you. Don’t give in and panic, that’s what they want you to do. You need to remain tempered.

He recommends medicine

This is one of the worst things a doctor can do. They’re really trying to manipulate you here. They’re trying to trick you into ingesting synthetic chemicals. We all know, that nature knows best. Nature is like Hogan. It knows best. So DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT LET THEM FORCE PILLS INTO YOUR SYSTEM. It will most likely hurt you. Because it’s wrong. And that’s just facts.

He charges you

So you’re telling me the doctor “cares about me” but he also wants to take my money? Which one is it? Pick a side, seriously, do you want me to be well or not? Then stop trying to steal from me. You took an oath to be good to me, not be a damn pyscho. Stop taking my money. Just stop. Seriously. You’re sick. You are. Not me. Gosh, I swear, these people, the things they do, and the things they believe, I just. I can’t.

They tell you that it doesn’t matter that they don’t have a college degree

The doctor keeps trying to convince you that it doesn’t matter that they have a college degree, and that the YouTube tutorials they watch are “just as valid as a college degree,” and that, “They wouldn’t allow the videos to stay on YouTube if they were wrong, so they must be right.” This is not a real doctor, this is someone gaslighting you and now you will recognize that as a sign of gaslighting next time it happens to you.

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