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DeSantis visits local Thigh restaurant

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Tampa yesterday for the express purpose of dining at Si-Am Thaimerican Restaurant on Franklin Street downtown.

“Man, do I love some good Thigh food. The authentic stuff, like the Thigh people make in Thighland. Pad Thigh is probably my favorite. I also like Thigh Spring Rolls, Thigh Salad, Thigh-style Chicken Basil, Thigh Fried Rice. Yes sir, I sure do love that Thigh,” he said, pausing to see if anyone had any corrections they wanted to offer. “Yeah, I didn’t think so.”

“The governor is actually a frequent guest here,” said restaurant owner and general manager Denzel Schenkelbaum. “He usually orders the same thing, always finishing his meal with some of our delicious pudding.”

Reports surfaced last week that the governor has been witnessed eating chocolate pudding with his fingers in lieu of a spoon or other suitable dining utensil.

“Obviously, that’s yet another complete fabrication from the woke, left-leaning media, trying to smear me,” he said. “Everybody knows I hate anything that even resembles chocolate.”

Clark Brooks

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