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Greatest Places in Tampa

Tampa Greatest Places

TIME magazine has declared Tampa as one of the World’s Greatest Places, so today we are counting down what makes Tampa so great.

5. I-275

I-275 in Tampa

This highway connects Tampa to all of the greatest places. Every exit on I-275 is an adventure into a magical world in one of the greatest places on Earth.

4. I-4

I-4 in Tampa

This magical highway is where most people spend their time, it has been nicknamed malfunction junction because Florida’s transportation department keeps adding lanes to it, but nothing seems to get better.

3.  Veterans Expressway

Veterans Expressway

Tampa loves the military, and that is why our section of State Road 589 commemorates Veterans instead of the Suncoast, which is named after what it’s destroying.

2. US-19


This is probably the best road in Florida. While it is the deadliest in Florida for pedestrians, with over 30 fatalities between 2017-2020, it has everything you could ever want from a road.

1. Mama Rose’s

Mama Rose's

I haven’t checked this place out yet, but the reviews are fantastic. So this is probably the best restaurant in Tampa, one of the greatest places on earth!

Mama Roses
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