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A sincere THANK YOU from Tampa News Force…

TNF Live

… to everyone who supported us in any and every way possible in presenting “Tampa News Force: LIVE!” at the just completed Tampa International Fringe Festival in Ybor CIty. This includes, but is absolutely NOT limited to:

  • Trish Perry, head honcho
  • Will Glenn, also pretty much a head honcho
  • Brianna, volunteer honcho
  • Rob, honcho adjacent
  • Bobert, our tech who led the league in energy drinks consumed
  • Morgan, Bobert’s handler
  • Ed Derkevics and his Shed
  • Randy
  • Brook & Dave
  • Alby & Shane
  • Yanomi Shoshinz, who apparently enjoys beer (Huh. Who knew?)
  • Everybody who bought tickets and came to see us
  • Everybody who didn’t buy tickets but came to see us anyway (artists & volunteers)

The cast:

  • Josh Santos, who did almost all of the actual work of producing the thing
  • Clark Brooks, who mostly sat around and chipped in a little bit here and there
  • Katie James, who performed a stunning burlesque routine
  • Sean Harper and JJ Curry who performed stellar stand-up sets
  • John Jacobs, who took some time out from something very important to join the show Saturday night (Sunday morning in London)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of insincere Thank Yous, fart jokes and potshots at Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott and various other practitioners of buffoonery throughout Tampa Bay and the state of Florida.