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Twitter scam revealed to be Twitter scam

Elon Bullshit

On April 30th, Tampa News Force (TNF) announced that it had been granted a highly prestigious social media honor: the coveted blue checkmark from Twitter, which is supposed to designate the bearer as certified elite, special and not at all ordinary.
It turns out that was not the case.

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Tampa News Force receives prestigious honor

Twitter Blue

Tampa News Force (TNF), the organization whose web site you are currently reading right this very minute, has been chosen, due to payment submitted, to be among the prominent elite and noteworthy individuals who are members of Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is similar to the traditional Twitter platform, only better because it comes with a…

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Happy Plane Train Premiere Anniversary Day!

Plane Train

On this date, November 11, in 2018, the world witnessed the premiere of Tampa News Force’s first film, “Plane Train”. Ah, 2018. The world was a very different place. Donald Trump was still the President of the United States of America. We witnessed a Supreme Court nominee cry about beer. Kanye West was still just…

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For the love of all that’s holy, VOTE!


You know that famous quote, “All it takes for evil to be a thing is for good people to not do anything and you hardly ever do anything, so how about you get off your ass for a change and fucking do something” or however it goes? Yeah, that. Tomorrow, assuming you didn’t already vote…

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Tampa News Force Gala Event Tonight!


Tonight, we at Tampa News Force will celebrate the recent publishing of our 2,000th article with a FREE party at Café Hey in downtown Tampa on Sunday, October 30th from 4pm until 8pm, sponsored by Mean But Clean Soap. There will be refreshments (FREE BEER!), entertainment, awards given out and a John Jacobs Estate Sale…

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Dignitaries invited to be honored at TNF 2000th Article party

Party Guests

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Rick Scott have been invited by Tampa News Force to appear at the TNF 2000th Article Celebration / Free Beer Estate Sale Costume Contest, this Sunday, October 30th at Café Hey in Tampa for the sake of being presented with special meritorious achievement awards. The following was sent…

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THIS is the 2000th article!

Tampa News Force, the highly revered, venerable and redundant media platform and purveyor of satirical news parody content, has published the 2000th article in the organization’s storied history: this one. That’s right, you’re reading history as we’re making it. Never before have writers and readers been united in the quest to pat themselves and each…

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