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Anti-vax bar in Clearwater offering incentives to potential customers

Jenny Mc's

In response to nationwide efforts to motivate more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 by offering perks like free donuts, beer, gift cards and entries into special lotteries offering cash prizes and scholarships, one bar in Clearwater wants to reward people who don’t get vaccinated.

“Here at Jenny Mc’s, we cater to people who do their research and can think for themselves. Intelligent people,” said bartender Jeff Tilbley. “Hank Aaron, one of the greatest athletes of all time, died two weeks after getting the shot. Does that sound like a coincidence to you?”

Hank Aaron retired from baseball more than 40 years ago and was 86 when he died, but sure.

Any customer who visits Jenny Mc’s will receive one free beer every time they visit if they can prove that they have not received any of the vaccines. We were there recently and witnessed this exchange…

CUSTOMER: Hi. So, I was told I get a free beer.
TILBLEY: Only if you’re not one of these vaccinated vaxholes. Do you have proof of vaccination?
TILBLEY: You’re not eligible for the free beer if you do.
CUSTOMER: Oh. Then in that case, no.
TILBLEY: All right! Drink up, friend!

The offer is available every time a customer visits the establishment and we witnessed several people drinking their beer, getting up and leaving the bar and immediately coming right back inside and getting another free beer, over and over again, with most of them spending no money whatsoever.

“Hey, nothing against the sheeple, blindly following orders and not putting any thought into their actions or the consequences”, said Tilbley. “But we want to reward the smart folks.”

Clark Brooks

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