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Tampa News Force to recognize local institutions with awards!

The Forcies!

Tampa News Force has decided to jump on the trend of media outlets recognizing the excellence of local businesses, artists, entertainers and other things based on the results of a severely flawed popularity contest; introducing The Inaugural Edition of The Forcies: Tampa News Force’s Better Than The Best Of The Best Of The Bay Awards!

This is SUCH a good idea and a pretty sweet racket! Local entities get the prestige of winning an award, we get paid for expensive ads from these entities who feel obligated to thank the community for voting for them and you, the community, get the satisfaction of voting because participating in the democratic process is fun!

Weeee! Ha ha ha! (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Starting tomorrow, we’ll present categories and some nominees within those categories and YOU will be able to vote for them by commenting, either here on articles posted to the TNF web site or on Twitter or on Facebook. And if you want to nominate someone you don’t see listed, just go ahead and write them in because it doesn’t really matter and only tremendous, trifling douchebags take this kind of thing seriously!

“I take this kind of thing VERY seriously” – A tremendous, trifling douchebag I used to know who isn’t Sir Richard Attenborough but kinda looks like him

Be sure to come back each day this week to vote and share this on social media with the hashtags #Forcies and #TNFBTTBOTBOTBA

Clark Brooks

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