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Best Place to Hide from Drone

Drones are everywhere these days, and if you want to get away from them follow our guide!

5. At least one mile away from any Walmart, Chick-Fil-A, or Amazon Fulfillment Center

These places have drones, but if you’re more than a mile away, you will be able to easily hide from one.

4. A cardboard box

If you are inside a cardboard box, a drone won’t see you, they will only see the box. Drones are stupid so they don’t know the difference.

3. On top of a tall mountain

Some mountains are high up and drones have trouble flying at high altitudes, so if you’re on top of Everest or something similar, you will be able to hide from a drone.

2. The back of a dark bar

Some drones can fly around in buildings, but if you are in a dark bar it will be hard for the drone to see you unless it is equipped with night vision goggles.

1. Behind another drone

The best way to hide from a drone is to have a drone you can hide behind to combat the drone that is trying to find you. If you have a drone, piloting the drone will cause the other drones to chase that instead of looking for you, giving you a chance to hide.

0. Shoot it with a gun

This isn’t going to help much with hiding because gunshots make noise, which will alert nearby drones to your location.  But if you have enough bullets, you can stop an army of drones for a while.

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