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Bro Attends Bingo Night Just to Hear O 69

Ben Slanders, a douchebag from St. Petersburg, recently went to a church bingo game in Pinellas Park for the sole purpose of hearing the number O 69 called out.

He convinced three friends to come with him to capture him on video yelling, “NICE!” in response and putting it on Tik Tok. None of them actually paid to play the games presented by the church, with an undetermined portion of the proceeds designated “to help sick kids”. 

“There was an old man there who yelled ‘bingo’ after they called the very first number of the very first game, and that got quite a few laughs. So the comedy bar was set pretty high,” said Slanders. “But I knew what I had planned was gold.”

It looked like the magic moment might not happen when the number didn’t come up in the first couple of games.

His frustration peaked when someone won the third game on O 68.

“Goddamnit, so close”, he exclaimed, pounding his fist on the table for emphasis and drawing looks of scorn and derision from the other players.

Finally, in game five, the number was the eighth one called and Slanders stood up triumphantly and yelled, “NICE!!” Two of his bro friends had forgotten why they were there and neglected to catch the moment but the third one did.

“Thank God for Ryan,” said Slanders. “He gets it.”

The group uploaded the resultant video to the popular-but-controversial streaming platform and left without having spent any money.

To date, the clip has been viewed 35 times. 

Clark Brooks

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