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President Biden Visits Bay Area Gentleman’s Clubs

Because we’re in Tampa, a city known for its many strip clubs and President Biden was in town yesterday, we are obligated by certain satire guidelines to post this obvious story. I mean, the joke is right there.

Protocol dictates that there is a minimum standard of irreverence to be shown toward political leaders and if we didn’t post AT LEAST a hastily Photoshopped picture of the President of the United States at the Mons Venus, we could have our parody license suspended, maybe even revoked, even though the White House sends us a Christmas card every year, which we sincerely appreciate. Anybody could make this joke. We have to.
Please don’t be mad at us, Joe and Jill. We’re just doing our jobs.

So anyway, while he was there he repeatedly had to ask his secret service detail for singles because he doesn’t carry cash, and made a couple of awkward remarks about titties before getting back on Air Force One and flying to the 2001 across the street.

Clark Brooks

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