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Carrollwood couple spends National Coming Out Day hiding from son

Yesterday, October 11, was National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBT awareness day designed  to support anyone “coming out of the closet” and at least one couple observed the occasion by hiding from their teenaged son.

“Mom? Dad? Where are you? I have to tell you something,” said 15-year-old Brandon Sugarcote.

“We’re not here,” replied his father, Dave from underneath a kitchen counter. “We’re out. Shit. Not ‘out’. I didn’t mean to say out. We’re um, like away somewhere. And we won’t be back until sometime tomorrow.”

“This is um, a message we recorded earlier on Alexa,” he added quickly.

“It might seem silly but this is the only way we can prevent him from being gay,” said his mother Alice who was under the counter too. “Legally, you can’t come out as gay if it isn’t National Coming Out Day.”

“We just have to keep this up til midnight,” said Dave. “It’ll be worth it to not have a gay son.”

“I’m not gay; I just wanted to tell them that I made the JV basketball team,” said Brandon. “They did this last year too.”

“This year I’m going to take advantage by staying out late. If they’re hiding, I don’t have to.”

Clark Brooks

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