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Clearwater Man Credits Road Rage with Making Him a Better Driver

Eric Dingley of Clearwater says that the frustration that comes from driving US-19 every day makes him a better driver.

“When I leave the house in the morning, I’m still barely awake, even after that first cup of coffee,” he said. “I don’t really wake up until somebody cuts me off or does something stupid on 19, and then I’m laser-focused.”

“Luckily, that happens almost immediately every single time I get on it.”

Dingley says that all of his senses become heightened.

“I know they say road rage is a distraction but the last thing I am is distracted. I see more clearly, I grip the wheel tighter, I hear every horn that honks and know exactly where those honking are in relation to me in the traffic,” he said. “Also, I can smell the fear in the air. And it is… delicious.”

“It makes me feel alive!”

Dingley claims the road rage makes him not only the best driver on 19 but makes him better at his job.

“It’s the reason that nobody in my office is better at foreclosing on mortgages than me.”

Clark Brooks

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