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New Florida License Plates

The state of Florida offers approximately 4 million different types of license plates, nearly one for every four eligible-to-drive residents! Everything from favorite sports teams to favorite religious philosophies can be expressed on one’s personal vehicle with these 12″x6″ metal signs displaying a series of letters or numbers indicating that the vehicle has been registered with the state. Even with all those options available, more are being added all the time! Here are some that are fresh for 2024…

University of Online College

One of South Florida’s finest Universities of Tampa where you do what you want is finally recognized for its excellence. They don’t have an athletics department but does that mean you can’t play sports there? No! You can do whatever you want!

Save the Chupacabra

When was the last time you saw one? Exactly.

Save the Florida Man

Everybody everywhere makes fun of the Florida Man but what are they going to make fun if he goes away?

Save the Sandwiches

I’m hungry. Save me one or two.

Support Losers

Don’t imply anything from the picture of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on this one; it’s just there to lend some necessary gravitas to a worthwhile cause.

Support Gambling

Let’s be honest, in spite of overwhelming odds against it ever happening, this is still your best chance of ever getting rich.

Support Deadbeat Dads

Before you get that last plate, maybe think about getting this one instead.

Support Excessively Loud Car Stereos

They’re sharing nasty booming booty bass beats and crunchy riffs with you and you didn’t even ask, you ungrateful prick!

Support Open Mic Comedy

Because it’s an art form. Kind of. Sometimes.

For The Snowflakes

Are you offended by all kinds of things and everyone need to know about it? Here’s the plate for you.

Accept Artificial Intelligence

Resistance is futile.

Support Bro Culture

A portion of the proceeds will go to repair drywall at various locations across Florida.

Dyslexia Awareness

Plaese help!

OCD Awareness

Does anything about this one bother you? Well, do es i t?

Clark Brooks

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