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Clearwater Man Relieved to Not Have to Do Brunch Again for Another Year

Todd Sclibbins of Clearwater had brunch with his mom this morning, something he doesn’t have to worry about again until the holiday comes up again on May 11, 2025.

”Thank God that shit is over,” he said, in his car heading home after the meal.

”Every year, I dread this and every year I get through it, but still,” he added. “Ugh.”

”Don’t get me wrong; I love my mom because everybody is supposed to say that so I do,” he explained. “Having to talk to her about me and what’s going on in my life is exhausting, though.”

He then thought of something that might deflect from him sounding like an ungrateful little bitch and said, “Actually, you know what it really is? I don’t like Hollandaise Sauce. I hate food that only exists for one purpose and Hollandaise Sauce only exists for Eggs Benedict and you only eat Eggs Benedict for brunch and I only eat brunch with my mother on Mothers Day. So yeah. That’s what it is.”

Reached for comment, his mom Wendy, said, “I don’t like Hollandaise Sauce either. He and I should talk about that at brunch next year.”

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