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Clearwater ophthalmologist specializes in niche clientele


Dr. Joseph Lambada, an eye doctor in Clearwater has made a fortune by catering to a very specific clientele: professional and college sports mascots.

“Here in Florida, we have, like, a dozen pro sports teams and at least that many college teams,” he said. “Where are Raymond or Captain Fear or Thunderbug going to go for their cartoonishly oversized prescription, protective and fashion eyewear? Right here, baby.”

In addition, Dr. Lambada’s office also treats conditions unique to sports mascots.

“Most of them suffer from what is known clinically as ‘Googly Eyes’,” he said. “That’s something that most practices simply are not suited to deal with.”

With their oversized heads, flamboyant wardrobes, funny walks and all-around hysterical antics, he says, “It’s not like they can go to Pearle Vision or LensCrafters. It would be chaos.”

“Every time one of our client’s visits, you can count on someone falling down comically or putting a pie in someone’s face,” he said. “That kind of mayhem is all in a day’s work here.”

Clark Brooks

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