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Clearwater woman threatens to give less than her usual 65% at work today


Amber McCambister, a sales clerk at Robust Businessmakers Inc. in Clearwater has to work today, Labor Day, and is not happy about it.

“This is bullshit”, she said. “Everybody in the world has the day off today, except for me and hospitality workers, emergency service providers, some medical professionals, people who work in agriculture and millions of other people with various private and public sector jobs. But mostly, why me??”

McCambister has to work because she told a number of clients that she’d be in today and could offer support for products they purchased and she forgot it was a holiday.

“Everybody else scheduled their follow-ups for other days”, said Raymond Swigwess from Clearwater Beach where he was playing with his kids. “It’s her own fault she’s there today.”

“That shouldn’t matter! It’s a federal holiday!”, she lamented. “What about all the brave troops who sacrificed themselves so we could honor them today? I guess my company hates America.”

She plans to protest the egregiously unfair injustice by giving less-than her all out best today.

“Sure, they can make me work; but they can’t make me work hard”, she said. “I’m going to watch YouTube and TikTok videos, take a long lunch, play games on my phone and might not even pick up the office line if it rings.”

During regular workdays, she watches YouTube and TikTok videos, takes long lunches, plays games on her phone and frequently ignores the office line when it rings.

“Yeah, but even more today”, she said.

Clark Brooks

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