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Coach Cooper Elaborates on ‘Skirt’ Comment

Cooper Skirt

Following remarks that upset some people after Monday night’s 6-1 first round playoff loss to the Florida Panthers which ended the Tampa Bay Lightning’s season, Lightning head coach Jon Cooper has expounded and claims what he said was basically taken out of context.

“Net front battles aren’t allowed anymore? That’s part of everybody’s game, is like the boxing out that goes there. It’s like prison rules in the playoffs, but it’s not prison rules for the goalie? The second something happens, we might as well put skirts on them then if that’s how it’s gonna be. I mean they have to battle through stuff too…It’s a war down there and I think we’re letting the goalies off the hook.”

– Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper

Many people, including columnist Ian Kennedy of The Hockey News interpreted the comment as sexist…

“It’s the type of sentiment that has pushed the growth of women’s sport backward. It’s a sexist remark rooted in misogyny that equates femininity to weakness.”

– Ian Kennedy, The Hockey News

“That’s an absurd accusation,” responded Cooper. “For starters, women excel at hockey. The U.S. Olympics Women’s Team being a prime example. And they don’t wear skirts.”

“Secondly, I was advocating on behalf of wearing skirts as a sensibly comfortable garment,” he said, standing up to reveal his bare legs, showcased by an above-the-knee cranberry skirt. “If goalies have to wear all that padding, we should do everything possible to make them as comfortable as possible otherwise, so they can perform their duties to the absolute best of their ability, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Plus, when you have a couple of showstoppers like this, why wouldn’t you want to wear a skirt?” he added, gesturing to his own absolutely stunning gams.

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