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Cost of living in Tampa Bay continues to rise

As the economy continues to crash or thrive, depending on where you get your news and how much they dislike President Joe Biden, the necessary expenses one can expect to incur to live in the Tampa Bay Area are in the words of respected leading economists “high as shit” and increasing drastically.

Based on the figures presented in the graphic above, respected leading economists recommend that people seeking to reside in the Tampa Bay Area throw away their phones, find a loaf of bread to live in and try to pay their utility bills with bananas or hamburgers.

“If those aren’t viable options for some reason, they should try to find bargains, cut costs and save money wherever possible, such as hiring a discount limo service to deliver their groceries from Winn Dixie, instead of a premium one”, said Mortimer Randomhouse, a respected leading economist. “Yes, that’s right; as a respected leading economist, I make enough money to afford a limousine to deliver my groceries from Winn Dixie.”

Clark Brooks

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